IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home: Does It Really Work?

Can IPL laser hair removal at home really do what it promises? Can it provide the kind of clinic efficiency you need? Not all IPL-units are equal, but with Vivre® IPL as an efficient, comfortable laser hair removal at home finally this a reality.

    How IPL laser hair removal works

    To understand how IPL laser hair removal can even be possible, we must first understand how it works. The problem of removing unwanted hair is that most methods target the hair itself but not the root of the problem: the follicle. If you don't access the follicle, the hair will just come back.

    An IPL device emits light energy, which is focused on the hair's melanin or color and travels down the shoulder to the follicle. It heats up along the way, and when it reaches the follicle, that heat is enough to damage the follicle. Once the hair follicle has been damaged, it will not grow its hair.

    Does IPL laser hair removal really work?

    Judging by the past

    Previously was IPL laser hair removal for home use not so good. Previous generations of home IPL units did not have the necessary power to effectively destroy the follicle. You might see some minor improvements in unwanted hair growth, but in general, the home use units were simply too weak to do the job; and the strongest IPL units were not safe enough unless used by a professional.

    ipl laser hair removal

    In addition, the IPL was laser hair removal often quite painful, prompting many people to visit expensive salons instead, where they could also get topical treatments to reduce some of the discomfort. Today, however, things are very different thanks to technological advances.

    Choosing the right IPL device

    Today IPL laser hair removal for home use be as convenient and effective in removing unwanted as any visit to any clinic and it is much cheaper! The trick is to choose the right technologically advanced laser for the job. That's what you get in Vivre® IPL.

    This powerful laser is also safe and gentle, offering a pain-free experience. It works on all parts of the body and is safe to use from the face to the ankles and everywhere in between.

    When you have larger areas to treat, such as the legs, the sliding position offers continuous flashing, so you never have to worry about missing any spots. When you need to target a smaller area, such as the upper lip or forearms, the stamp position has perfect precision.

    What to look for to ensure effective results at home

    For years, the conclusion has been that IPL laser hair removal in the home simply cannot offer effective results. Although this was once true, it is possible today when you choose the right IPL device. Here's what to look for:

    Safety for all skin types

    Earlier IPL devices could burn skin that wasn't extremely light and had nothing hair which was not very black. Modern technology allows us to get around the problem. Choosing an advanced IPL device that Vivre® means you can safely treat all but the darkest skin tones and most hair colors.

    Proven clinical results

    The next thing to look for when choosing a device for IPL laser hair removal is one with proven results. When you get a customer satisfaction guarantee with your device, as you do with Vivre® IPL machine, you know that the manufacturer is not afraid that you will be disappointed with your results.

    Security and certification

    To be effective, an IPL device must be able to send powerful light pulses to direct the follicle. If you are going to use this type of technology at home, you need some assurance that it is safe. Only rely on devices that have FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications and that have support as warranties available on our IPL laser hair removal device.

    Tips to get the results you want

    Use ipl laser hair removal once a week to get rid of unwanted hair growth

      Hair growth occurs in stages and IPL can only target follicles in the active growth stage. Not all yours hair will be in this stage when you treat it. When you wait a week, more of the unwanted hair enters the new phase and can be treated. However, treating more often than once a week is not more effective, as the hair needs some time to enter the right phase.

      Avoid tanning and exposure to the sun

      You get the fastest results when the contrast between your skin color and hair color is greatest. Therefore, avoid doing anything that reduces the contrast, including sunbathing, tanning or using sunscreen.

      Effective IPL laser hair removal at home is a reality

      The old days are gone and with the right IPL device you can save money and get the results you want from IPL laser hair removal comfortably in your own home. Visit Vivre today and find out more about how our IPL handset can change your life.

      A complete guide to permanent laser hair removal

      Are you tired of having a body full of unwanted hair and want to be ready to go barefoot all year round? With today's modern technology, it is perfectly possible to carry out a permanent hair removal. That way you don't have to worry about your hair growing back quickly, and you can put away all those razors and waxing kits.

      With a laser hair removal, you can focus on more fun things than shaving your legs, upper lip and armpits. Removing unwanted hair growth with IPL is gentle on the skin, painless and also relatively quick. Removing hair on the body permanently is also possible no matter where it grows. Namely, you can ensure that both facial hair and other body hair disappear. In this guide, we go through everything you need to know about taking live hair permanently on the body and what options you have.


      Remove unwanted body hair permanently

      To remove hair permanently is today really simple. There are a variety of tools and machines to make use of. If you use a good machine, it will be done in a painless way that won't damage your delicate skin. Immediately after the treatment, you can continue with your daily chores, take a shower, go to work or whatever you have planned.

      Today, most types of technology are cheap and easy to find. You can buy a laser processor and have it sent home directly to your mailbox. This means that you do not have to go to an expensive salon to undergo a laser hair removal. Instead, you can buy your own appliance to remove hair with a laser. Removing hair at a salon does not only require money. It also requires plenty of time as you have to get to and from the salon during all the upcoming treatments.

      Many people have strong hair growth on the body, and it often becomes more the older you get. When the female sex hormone estrogen decreases, stronger hairs can grow out. Therefore, there are only positive benefits of laser hair removal. On the one hand, you get rid of your body hair now, and on the other hand, you prevent even coarser body hair in the future. However, laser hair removal is not only for women - men can of course get just as good results. Regardless of which area of the body you want to treat, you will within twelve weeks be able to enjoy being completely hair-free with the knowledge that the hairs will not come back.

      The best method for permanent hair removal

      If you want to remove hair on your body permanently, then a laser hair remover is the option you should use. You can easily perform the treatment at home and the purchase of a laser hair remover can be seen as a really good investment! You can use it during many, regular uses and when all your hair is gone, then you can lend it to friends and family members who are jealous of your amazing result.

      Removing hair with lasers is really popular today. There are a lot of devices to choose from if you want to do it at home. Popular devices include Philips Lumea. This device provides a high quality IPL treatment that removes all body hair. Philips Lumea Prestige provides a permanent hair removal and makes sure your skin is soft and smooth.

      As with Vivre provides Philips Lumea Prestige a visible result already within eight weeks. However, Philips Lumea has a maximum of only 250,000 pulsations, while Vivre has a maximum of 300,000 pulsations. This makes Vivre slightly more effective for home treatment. With more pulsations, your results can be just like in a beauty salon. Choose from five different levels, depending on which part of your body you want to treat with the laser. The higher pulsations will provide extra heat that your hair follicles can absorb, which will cause them to die out faster and more efficiently. Many professionals say that it is better to perform a permanent hair removal at the salon, precisely because they use more powerful devices. However, with the Vivre's 300,000 pulsations, you can get excellent results even from home.

      Waxing - wears on your skin

      One method that does not give a permanent result, but a more long-term one is waxing. With waxing, you can be hair-free for several weeks. However, it is a painful method that wears on your skin. Waxing can leave it red and sore, which is not something to recommend. After a regular treatment with laser hair, you will never have to wax your skin again.

      Try laser hair removal – also in the face

      Most of us here a lot of hair in the face. On some it is darker than on others. Some have thick, strong hairs while others have lots of fluffy fluff that grows on both their upper lip and cheeks. What most people have in common is that they wish their hair would disappear permanently. Unwanted facial hair can ruin any make-up, and it can also make many people feel bad about their own appearance.

      However, there are solutions to the problem. Hair on the face can be removed and it is also relatively quick and easy. The most common methods are to either shave or wax the face. During a shave, however, the hair grows out as fast as it disappeared. A waxing must be done less often but it is a more painful method and can cause red skin.

      To get rid of facial hair forever is a IPL hair removal the best option. IPL does not damage the skin but methodically removes all facial hair. However, it is particularly important to remember not to direct your eyes towards the laser window itself when using it on your face. Once you have used your laser device regularly, you will forever be free of unwanted hair growth.

      If you have really light hair on your face, it may take an extra number of treatments before all the hair disappears. Light hairs have much less melanin. It is melanin that absorbs the laser beams and brings down heat under the skin to kill the hair follicles. With light hairs, it is important to be more enduring.

      Laser hair on the body - this is how it works

      A laser hair remover is the ultimate trick if you want to remove all unwanted hair growth and become hair free. A laser device uses pulsations to kill your hair follicles.

      IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and emits light that enters the melanin of the hair strands, into the skin, creates heat and kills the hair follicles. It all works so that the light from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles, what is called melanin. The more melanin in the hair follicles, the more light they can absorb. Therefore, laser treatments are more effective on dark than on light hairs. Simply because they consist of more melanin. When the high heat is formed, the hair follicles will simply give up and die out. You can easily say that they burn, but without you getting any pain.

      When the light has been absorbed by the hair follicles, it creates heat under the skin, which kills the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles have died, no new hair will be produced. Because new hair is regularly created that grows in different hair cycles, an IPL device must be used regularly for the first twelve weeks. In this way, you can ensure that all new hairs that grow out are killed with the light, until all the hair follicles have disappeared.

      Your body hair is thus in different hair cycles. Only 20 percent of all hair is in a growth phase at the same time. Regardless of whether you treat your hair growth with laser at a salon or at home, you must therefore regularly perform the treatments. IPL technology cannot remove hair follicles that are not in the growth phase itself. Hair follicles that are in a dormant phase must therefore be waited out and treated later when they have started to grow again.

      Laser hair removal - with laser at home or at a beauty salon?

      The big question for many is whether to try laser hair removal at a beauty salon or at home. There are both pros and cons to both methods. It is important to read about both methods in order to then be able to decide which method is best for you.

      At a salon, you get the help of a professional to remove hair with laser. You can calmly sit back and relax while a professionally trained person will help you to laser away body hair. Many salons also use slightly stronger IPL treatments than you can get at home. A major disadvantage of permanent hair removal at the salon, however, is that it is very expensive treatments. As they have to be performed regularly for a relatively long period, it therefore becomes a very costly process for many.

      A treatment for permanent hair removal at a salon with a laser costs between SEK 750 - 1800 per treatment. Thus, it is easy to calculate that the cost quickly becomes very high as it takes several treatments to get rid of all the hair. It is often assumed that you have to go on at least 6-9 treatments to get a good, permanent result.

      A better option - treat at home

      The second option is therefore to buy an IPL device yourself and perform an IPL treatment at home. You do not have to be educated or professional to realize that the best hair removal - you can fix it at home. A hair laser is relatively inexpensive to purchase and you can use it for as many treatments as you want. IPL devices have a long life and they can definitely be seen as an investment. Especially considering all the razors and waxing kits that you will save money on.

      By removing unwanted hair growth on the body at home, you get a place of choice. You can use the IPL device when you have the time and do not have to book appointments at a beauty salon to suit. Your treatment will simply be simpler and more stress-free. An IPL device can be used by anyone. Our Vivre is both safe and secure as well as user-friendly. A green light shows you when it is ready for use and the large LCD screen informs you about the level of power you are using.

      Treating your hair growth yourself and making it disappear permanently is easy. With a laser device, you can quickly see results with regular use and after 12 weeks you have undergone a complete treatment. You need to use the laser 1-2 times during a 12 week period, which will save you a lot of money on all beauty treatments.

      How to use a laser hair remover

      Long-lasting results with smooth and soft skin that is hair-free, it's something that many dream of. With a laser treatment is it entirely possible. Using a laser device at home is as easy as shaving. After regular use, you can also put your razor on the shelf.

      The Vivre hair laser does not need refills, but the device you buy is the one you can use for its entire service life of ten years. To get started with your laser hair removal, you just need to start the machine and wait for the green light to come on. Then it is ready to use.

      Before you start using your Vivre, you must first remove all hair in the areas you want to treat. The laser treatment only works on hairless areas. Note, however, that you should not wax your hair but remove it with a razor. All so as not to damage your skin which wax can do as it wears off skin particles.

      When you have removed all the hair and the green light is on, select the level you want to use. Use a low level on sensitive areas and a higher level on, for example, the legs. To begin your treatment, move the glass window with light along the hairless area. This is when the hair follicles absorb the light emitted by the device's pulsations. Slowly but steadily pull the light window along the skin and make sure not to make eye contact with the laser beams.

      It takes around 8-10 minutes to laser both your legs and around 15 minutes to laser your cup. However, you decide for yourself which areas you want to treat and how fast you want to work.

      To get a good result from your laser hair removal, you should perform the treatment 1-2 times a week for 12 weeks. If you then have some hair growth left, you can use the device more sporadically for three months.

      Think about this!

      Before using a laser machine, it is important not to stay in the sun and get sunburned. You should therefore avoid the strong rays of the sun for at least 1-2 weeks before starting your treatments. It is also good to avoid tan-without-sun products or other products that give you a darker skin tone. This is because it is easier for the laser device to distinguish your skin from your hairs if the skin is lighter.

      When using your Vivre or another laser device such as the Philips Lumea Prestige, it is good to protect your eyes. When you buy a Vivre, it therefore comes with a pair of special glasses that you can use to protect your delicate eyes from the laser's powerful light rays. They are not mandatory to use but it is highly recommended that you do so.

      In general, however, you don't have to worry about accidentally looking into the laser. This is because vivre only emits its laser pulses when the glass window meets the skin. When you lift the laser device away, the laser beams stop being emitted. This makes it difficult to accidentally make a mistake. However, the glasses give you an extra layer of security if you feel anxious about carrying one out laser treatment home.

      Gain better confidence with laser hair removal

      There are many who feel insecure with their bodies and feel that they do not live up to the expectations of those around them. When it's summer and time to go barefoot, it's hard to have a lot of hair growth. It eats away at both self-confidence and self-esteem. Having to shave the hair on the body every day is also a very time-consuming process.

      Choosing a laser hair removal should therefore be a given choice. After a completed treatment, self-confidence will grow and you can feel more comfortable with your body. Many people have not only dark hair on their legs but also on their arms and face. However, an IPL treatment can counteract this and safely and securely remove the hair permanently.

      To perform a IPL hair removal so it doesn't have to be just because you want to look better bare-assed. You can just as easily do it as a step to feeling better inside.

      Safe and secure method for laser hair removal

      Laser hair removal is a safe and secure method. Today's laser devices are designed according to all safety requirements that exist. Vivre is CE marked and has user-friendliness in focus. So you do not have to worry about using IPL at home.

      One mistake you can make is to treat your skin for a long time and thus get a blister. However, it is very unusual and only happens if you start to let your mind wander during the treatment and keep the laser device on one and the same skin area for too long. Just like when you happen to keep your curling iron in your hair for too long. When treating your hair growth, pull the appliance over the skin at a steady pace. Then it is difficult to fail and the result will be fantastic.

      IPL - a painless treatment

      A major benefit of laser hair removal is that it does not hurt. Maybe that's why laser is the best hair removal you can do. Except for the fact that it is permanent of course.

      Your IPL device emits pulsating light that is absorbed by the hair follicles. It does not sting, does not burn and does not hurt. You will hardly feel that you are using a device on the skin.

      Unlike waxing and epilation, the pain will be almost non-existent. Because you do not pull the hair follicles out of the skin but only kill them with heat, there is no pain to feel. Laser is thus an excellent treatment method even for anyone who has a low pain threshold. You also do not have to worry about cutting yourself, something that is easy to do with razors.

      It is also possible to treat large areas quickly. In just fifteen minutes, you can go through all your desired areas of the body. This means that you can treat your hair follicles with laser before you shower in the evening. It does not take much time and is easy to squeeze in.

      Remove beard growth with laser hair removal

      Regularly shaving, waxing or removing unwanted hair can cause your sensitive skin to become red and irritated. It can also lead to stronger hairs growing out. However, it is common to also experience that you get more hair, simply that more hair grows out faster.

      Hair that often irritates extra much is beard growth. Both men and women can suffer from embarrassing beard growth. Dozens of black hairs growing under the chin or on the upper lip.

      However, beard growth can also be treated with a IPL treatment. You can remove facial hair and get rid of irritated beard growth forever. Both men and women can use Vivre to permanently remove hair with laser.

      As beard growth often consists of dark hairs, these are often extra easy to remove. The hair strands contain a lot of melanin, which means that the hair follicles attract extra much of the light that hair removers such as Philips Lumea and Vivre emit. Thus, the hair follicles can absorb the heat and die.

      Just as with dark hairs on other parts of the body, the same melody prevails for beard growth; the darker the hairs the easier it is to permanently get rid of them. In addition, it is very quick to see a good result.

      Think about this after your laser hair removal

      Once you have used laser hair removal on your skin, it is important to take good care of it. Although laser does not damage your skin, it is always good to give it extra care to get the best results possible.

      In some cases, a slight redness may occur on the skin, but this is not something you need to worry about. If you were to suffer from a slight redness, it will disappear within a few days.

      After using IPL on your skin, it is important to avoid exposure to the sun's strong rays. It can therefore be an advantage to carry out your laser treatment during the winter rather than during the summer. Be sure to protect your treated skin by covering it. You should avoid being in the sun for at least a week after treating your skin. If you absolutely have to stay in the sun, you should consider applying a high sun protection factor.

      It can also be good to avoid exercise or anything else that makes you sweat a lot during the 24 hours that accompany the treatment.

      What areas of the body can I remove laser hair on?

      With laser hair removers, you can treat most areas of your body. It is up to you which areas you feel you want to remove unwanted hair growth on.

      The most common are to remove hair on legs and arms, as well as in the armpits and bikini line. Maybe you want to do a Brazilian or remove facial hair. On the face, you can remove everything from unwanted beard growth to lighter hairs. Many men suffer from heavy hair growth on the back, chest and stomach. There, it is also simple and effective to treat the hair growth with a laser. The neck, chin, underarms, pubic hair, yes, most things can be treated.

      The more areas you choose to remove hair on during one and the same treatment, the longer the treatment session itself takes. However, it can be good to remove hair in as many places on the body as possible at the same time, then you do not have to go through the 12-week treatment period several times for different areas.

      What prerequisites are required to succeed with laser hair removal?

      With diligent and regular treatments, you can kill most hair follicles with the help of laser. However, it is more difficult to treat certain hairs than others. To get the absolute best results with your laser treatment on hair, you should have hairs that are dark or light brown. The darker the hairs, the more light pulses they can absorb, which conducts heat to the hair follicles and kills them. Coarse, dark hairs are thus easiest to treat and with these hairs it is easy to achieve a permanent result.

      If you instead have light or gray hairs, it is more difficult to treat these hairs with laser. Simply because they lack or have less of the melanin that absorbs the light pulses that kill the hair follicles. It can also be difficult to treat red hairs as they have a different form of pigment than dark hairs.

      It is also best if your skin is as light as possible so that the laser can differentiate between the hairs and the skin. Therefore, do not sunbathe your skin before the weeks before starting the treatments. If you have a lighter skin type, it is also easier for the laser to kill your hair follicles.

      Get hairless with Vivre

      With permanent hair removal, you avoid sharp stubble that grows out on the chin, legs or at the bikini line. Instead, you will always have a soft and smooth skin that looks freshly shaved. You will avoid ingrown hairs and irritated skin. It will not itch when the hairs push out through the skin and you will not get any blemishes. A laser hair removal will simply make your life easier and above all more comfortable.

      There are many people who have tried an IPL treatment and they are all equally satisfied with the results they get. Smooth skin with hair growth that has receded. Most people who have had a treatment to remove hair permanently highly recommend it to everyone else. Many people dream of becoming hair free and with Vivre it is easy to do so at home.

      After only two weeks, you will begin to see the results of your treatment. At eight weeks, you will be able to clearly see how your hair regrowth is getting smaller. At twelve weeks, you can end the treatment and be hairless.

      Laser hair removal is the best hair removal

      Women and men have been asking themselves for many years - what is the best hair removal method? There are many options to choose from. There are razors, waxing, epilator, depilatories and more.

      If you choose to shave off your unwanted hair, you will need to shave about every other day, depending on how fast your body hair grows back. You will quickly get stubble that itches and red spots on the skin. If, on the other hand, you choose to wax your hair, you can expect to have to wax about every four to six weeks. However, you need to let your hair grow out a bit before you can wax it off. The wax must have some hair to attach to when the hairs are to be pulled away. Waxing is a painful method that must be repeated all too often. In addition, it is a costly method and takes a long time.

      If you choose a epilator you pull up all the hair follicles with a machine and it often hurts a lot. The result lasts as long as waxing. With depilatories you won't feel any pain and it only takes three minutes to apply the cream. However, the results are short-lived and expensive in the long run.

      Thus, it is no wonder that a hair remover with laser is the best option for hair removal. Not only is it a fast and effective method, you also avoid your hairs forever as the method gives a permanent result.

      Laser treatment on hair, no matter where on the body it grows, is thus the best treatment. The only thing you need to pay is the purchase price of the laser device. Once it is acquired, you can begin your journey towards becoming permanently hair-free within twelve weeks. However, if you choose to continue with waxing, shaving and epilation, you must continue with this for life.

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