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IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home: Does It Really Work?

ipl laser hair removal

Can IPL laser hair removal at home really do what it promises? Can it provide the type of clinic efficiency you need? Not all IPL devices are the same, but with Vivre® IPL as an effective, convenient laser hair removal at home, this is finally a reality. How IPL Laser Hair Removal Works To understand how IPL laser hair removal can even […]

Some important reasons to try Vivre® IPL treatment


Some key reasons to try Vivre® IPL treatment at home Everyone who has ever tried to remove hair growth in unwanted areas has found a few "home-grown" hair removal solutions. The truth is that there are many solutions out there that can help you deal with hair growth in these areas, from facial hair growth to hairs that grow [...]

Facts about hair remover laser with IPL at home

hair remover laser

When it comes to options for convenient, long-term hair removal, there are a few options available. Depilatory creams, laser treatments at a clinic and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments often promise long-lasting results. Painful options such as tweezing and waxing often prove to be a quick fix but are not ideal as a permanent solution. Here at Vivre® we offer solutions for IPL laser hair removal at home, such as our IPL laser hair removal...