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IPL Laser Hair Removal by Vivre

VIvre advanced IPL

It works well on the majority of skin tones!


If the skin color is too dark to treat, the device's built-in skin color sensor prevents it from turning on. You can select the most comfortable energy level from five diffrent options.

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Permanently remove unwanted hair!

Vivre Forget about waxing and shaving, both of which can irritate the skin. You can reduce unnecessary hair and achieve the same results as salons for a fraction of the cost!

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Vivre is a Beauty Tech company working to improve the beauty industry. Vivre has revolutionized the market with its innovative beauty tools that have become a huge success around the world.

Vivre develops tools for home use that are specifically designed to be simple to use.

The most recent laser hair removal technology

The technology Vivre uses is highly effective and based on the latest research in the field. It is completely safe to use and gives fast results.

We are proud to be recognized as experts in the field of beauty technology. We are aware of how intimate the hair removal process can be and take it very seriously.
Many years of research have been invested on our IPL hair removal devices and we at Vivre are committed to only providing you with products of the absolute highest quality. Vivre are committed to providing you with the highest-quality products. 
Vivre was founded with the idea of changing an industry that has looked very much the same for a very long time. And at the same time change people's lives for the better.
We do this by using innovation and technology, while trying to offer products that look amazing.
We're working hard to change the Beauty industry by blending technology and traditional beauty products - to help push the industry to the next level.

Vivre's Mission

Our mission is to inspire people all over the world to live life with more self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence.
Our company's goal is to provide high-quality products and services to our clients. Vivre strives to be the leader in laser hair removal industry.
We strive to provide our employees with opportunities and challenges, as well as a work environment that allows them to use their skills and talents to benefit both themselves and the company.
We recognize that as a customer, you often have several choices when it comes to selecting the perfect laser hair removal device for you to use at home. That's why we want to be your first choice by offering you a great device at a reasonable price.
We at Vivre adore diversity, and we want everyone, regardless of gender, size, nationality, or age.

Our top priority is to earn your trust.

Every one of our Vivre devices is thoroughly tested before we ship it to our customers. We are so confident in our product that we are prepared to give our customers an unquestionable 90-day money-back guarantee. 
Vivre units are guaranteed to have at least 400,000 pulses, which means they will last for at least 12 to 14 years.


What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and it removes hair with a laser to give you silky smooth skin. If you use our hair removal device on a regular basis, it will remove your unwanted hair growth in a matter of weeks. IPL does not harm your skin; instead, it kills all unwanted hair follicles. IPL is widely used in beauty salons. With Vivre you can easily and effectively remove unwanted hair at home for a fraction of the cost of salon treatments.

The light emitted by IPL is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which is the darker pigment.  IPL should not be used on people with very dark skin. Light impulses are unable to distinguish between dark pigments found in the skin and hairs.

IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal is a device that uses powerful laser energy to penetrate hair strands and provide long-lasting visible results in just a few weeks. All that is required is a series of short home treatments.

What is IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal?

IPL Permanent Laser Hair Removal is a handset that packs powerful laser energy that penetrates hair strands and provides lasting visible results in just weeks. All that is required is a series of short treatments at home.

This laser can be used on any part of the body, including the face and bikini area. To achieve safe and long-lasting results, the technology used is the same as that used by dermatologists. The Vivre IPL comes with a standard cable and instructions for use. There is no need to top up or replace any parts, and the product has a lifespan of 12 years or more!

What is the procedure for Vivre IPL?

The Vivre IPL laser hair removal system emits a strong light pulse from a laser that is calibrated to affect the hair without affecting the skin or causing redness or soreness during the procedure. When the hair gets hot, the light energy is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and absorbs it. This damages the hair follicle, preventing it from rapidly growing new hair. This results in substantially slower hair growth in the treated areas.

Vivre IPL has two operating modes. Stamp mode directs a concentrated light pulse of energy to specific areas such as the bikini line, lip, and underarm. Auto mode generates a smoother, more consistent light pulse over vast areas such as the legs and arms.

Treatments should be performed once a week for up to 30 minutes, depending on the area covered and the degree of hair growth. You can see noticeable results after just 3 weeks, with full results visible after twelve treatments. When the procedure is over, keep an eye on the area for hair regrowth and repeat if possible.

How does the IPL treatment feel?

Unlike several laser treatments, which can cause skin discomfort and redness afterward, Vivre IPL uses a gentle light pulse with no side effects or pain. When used on larger areas, our users define the auto mode as an even, constant heat, while the stamp mode is a more constant but pleasant warm feeling on the skin. After completing hair removal at home, you will be able to resume daily activities soon after treatment with no signs of redness or soreness.

Is it safe to use intensive pulsed light (IPL)?

Vivre IPL has undergone rigorous testing and is now used in thousands of homes across Europe, United States, and Canada. Even at the highest setting, the laser energy is calibrated so that it poses no danger to the skin, and the lack of any small or breakable parts makes it extremely durable. For protection, reliability, and environmental friendliness, the system is also FCC, CE, and RoHS approved.

How long are the IPL results going to last?

Permanent laser hair removal at home operates on the same principles as clinic-based hair removal, but the laser is not as effective for safety purposes. Although not all hairs will fall out at once, the regrowth rate will decrease from days to months, and many hairs will never grow back.

With just a few "touch-ups," the targeted areas will be hairless for years. 

How long is the lifespan of Vivre IPL?

Vivre IPL is constructed to last, and its one-piece nature ensures that no component of your system can fail before the others. The strong laser core has a lifetime capacity of at least 400,000 light pulses, which should be sufficient for at least 12 years of daily use. 

Vivre IPL comes with a free one-year warranty that covers all models with flaws. 

The days of going to a clinic or a salon for Permanent hair removal with laser of hair are over, thanks to Vivre IPL, a powerful system that delivers laser of clinic quality to delay and stop hair growth in both larger and smaller areas. 

Can I achieve salon-quality results at home?

Yes, you get the same results with the Vivre IPL laser hair remover as you would with an IPL treatment at a salon.

Permanent hair removal with laser is a simple procedure that can be done at home using our IPL kit, and results in silky smooth skin.

Is the hair guaranteed to disappear with Vivre IPL?

Yes, the unwanted hair growth can be eliminated forever because the IPL light destroys the hair follicles when used. If you are unhappy with the outcome, we will refund your money. Furthermore, we offer a one-year warranty on the IPL unit, which has a service life of 12+ years.

What body parts should I treat with Vivre IPL?

Permanent hair removal can be done safely on all body parts, including the face and private parts.

Is an IPL treatment painful?

The treatment is not harmful. The light pulse is similar to a camera flash and also feels like a rubber band flick against the skin. This instantly causes a sensation of warmth in the skin.

When do I expect to see results from IPL?

You should expect a preliminary result in two weeks and a final result in 12 weeks. During your time, we recommend that you use Vivre IPL laser hair removal on a regular basis.

Is it possible to use IPL on light hair?

Yes, Vivre works on light hair as well. More treatments, however, are needed to achieve a good result on light hair. The melanin in the hair shaft must be destroyed in order for the hair follicles to be reduced. Since light hairs contain less melanin, it takes longer.

What are the advantages of Vivre IPL permanent laser hair removal?
1. You save time

You will never have to wax or shave again after a permanent laser hair removal procedure with Vivre IPL. You no longer need to waste time shaving in the bathroom or going to a salon for waxing. Plus, your legs will always be silky smooth and ready to show off.

2. You save money

You can prevent stubble for good with a laser treatment. Stubble usually grows back in a few hours, but after an IPL treatment, it is gone for good.

3. You get rid of stubble

Is there anything more boring than stubble? With a laser treatment, you will avoid stubble forever. Stubble often grows out within a few hours, but after an IPL treatment it is gone forever.

4. You keep ingrown hairs to a minimum

For optimal results, use Vivre 1-2 days per week for 12 weeks. If you continue to experience hair growth, we suggest using IPL once a month for three months to eliminate new hairs.

Does Vivre IPL work on all skin types?

We recommend that you use Vivre IPL laser hair remover on skin types I to IV according to the Fitzpatrick Scale. The IPL device should not be used on darker skin tones then.

Note that the appliance should not be used on white, gray or red hair as they do not contain enough melanin. The lack of melanin in white and gray hair means that the treatment does not work as the pulsating light cannot enter the hair follicles to kill them. For red hair, these hairs contain another type of melanin, whose hairs cannot absorb the IPL light.

How does Vivre IPL remove my hair growth?

Vivre IPL laser hair remover gives off light energy that is absorbed by the melanin of the hair strands. This light energy is then converted into heat energy under the skin and kills the hair follicles. Thus, new hair can not grow out.

How often should I use the IPL device?

For optimal results, use Vivre 1-2 days per week for 12 weeks. If you continue to experience hair growth, we suggest using IPL once a month for three months to eliminate new hairs.

You are not required to use IPL on a more frequent basis than that. Hairs have distinct growth stages, and IPL is only effective in the growing phase. 

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for 'High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound' and it is a non-surgical facial treatment that uses ultrasound to lift the facial muscles and make loose or sagging skin firmer.

What does HIFU do?

HIFU sends focused ultrasound energy under the surface of the skin, contracts the facial layer and stimulates the creation of new collagen in the area. HIFU is very effective for lifting skin and muscles in the face.

Is HIFU safe?

HIFU has been shown to be safe in several clinical trials, and tens of thousands of successful treatments have been performed around the world. HIFU is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Our equipment and treatment are certified. Vivre HIFU uses the latest and most advanced technology to offer treatments that are designed for your comfort and safety. 

Is there any downtime with HIFU treatment?

Due to the non-invasive nature of HIFU treatments, there is no downtime after the procedure. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately and no special recovery measures are required. 

How long does it take until I see results?

Some customers see immediate initial effects; however, the ultimate lifting and toning results will occur over the two to three months after the treatment. During this time, old collagen is replaced with new collagen which has a higher degree of elasticity. As the collagen building process continues, you may see further improvements up to 6 months after the procedure.

How long does the result last?

After the HIFU treatment, clients will still have fresh collagen for over a year. This can continue for another year, depending on the condition of the skin. Future treatments can help keep pace with the aging process, and this varies depending on the individual.

Does HIFU treatment hurt?

HIFU treatment does not hurt. However, you may feel some discomfort when the ultrasound is released into the skin, especially in sensitive areas such as around the mouth and under the chin.