Popular hair removal methods compared to IPL

IPL compared to other hair removal methods

Body hair - we all have it. Whether you're just removing a small area or all of it hair is hair removal an important part of many people's beauty routine. Already at a young age we are taught how to remove the unwanted hair, and we'll see several different methods of doing so. People are most familiar with methods such as waxing or shaving. As the demand for hair removal products has increased over the past few decades, so has the technology hair removal developed.

Hair removal treatments with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) has quickly become a popular method of removal hair because of its effectiveness. With IPL you can see long-lasting or even permanent results. Unlike shaving or plucking IPL a special skin-safe technology to give people high-quality results that last longer than any other product or service on the market.

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What is IPL?

IPL is a special type of light technology used to treat cosmetic and medical skin problems. It can be used for hair removal, as well as for a range of other skin problems such as photorejuvenation, sun damage, acne and visible ruptured blood vessels. These treatments are usually performed by licensed skin therapists, but new technology has given companies user-friendly options for hair removal at home at a fraction of the cost.

IPL can reduce hair growth by reducing or completely eliminating hair from growing from individual follicles. These hair removal machines work thanks to broad-spectrum light applied to the skin's surface. Hair contains melanin, a natural skin pigment that darkens hair. The light targets the skin's melanin and uses heat to damage the source of the pigment, the hair follicle. By damaging the follicle, it slows down or stops hair growth altogether.

Although IPL hair removal is becoming increasingly popular, there are other hair removal methods. When compared to other types of hair removal, IPL provides the best and most long-lasting results. Let's compare IPL hair removal with other hair removal methods.

    1. Sugaring

    Sugaring is the process of removing hair from the root using a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water. When these ingredients are combined over heat, they form a sticky paste that when applied to the skin acts like wax. The sugar is applied to the skin in the direction of the hair and is quickly pulled away in the opposite direction. This removes the hair from the root and gives you results that last for weeks. By doing sugaring treatments every month, you will eventually see the hair grow back more slowly. However, the hair will still grow back.

    Some other aspects to consider when sugaring are:

    • Sugaring can be applied anywhere, it can be used on large or small areas and is good for sensitive skin.
    • This method can be done professionally or at home. When doing it at home, make sure the skin is clean, dry and free from moisturizers, creams or deodorants.
    • The ingredients used in sugaring are completely natural. You can buy sugaring wax in any beauty store, or make it yourself with this recipe: you can also make it with your own recipe: 1 cup white sugar, 1/8 cup lemon juice and 1/8 cup warm water.
    • Sugaring not only removes hair immediately, but also slows down hair growth over time. The results can last between 3 and 5 weeks if done correctly and consistently.
    • As the hair grows back after the treatments, it grows thinner and softer. This also leads to less irritation and discomfort.

    Although sugaring is a fairly popular form of hair removal, it doesn't leave the same kind of results as IPL. Sugaring removes hair immediately and even slows down hair growth, but it doesn't remove hair in the long term the way IPL does.

    2. Shaving

    As the cheapest method of hair removal, it's no wonder shaving is so popular. Shaving uses a razor blade to cut the hair where it meets the skin. Although this method is simple and inexpensive, it leaves you with a stubble after as little as a day.

    Some aspects to consider when shaving are:

    • You can shave anywhere a razor can reach, from small areas to large areas. Even if you can shave everywhere there are some areas where you have to be extra careful.
    • Your skin should be smooth when shaving to avoid accidental cuts to your skin. For more sensitive areas, pull the skin for a cleaner and safer shave.
    • It is recommended that shave in the shower and with a moisturizing shaving gel. This will ensure that the skin is moisturized so that the razor glides smoothly over the skin.
    • Shaving also works best with a fresh and clean razor, so make sure to replace the shaving head on your razor often.
    • The results vary depending on each person. Hair can grow back in as little as a few hours or a few days.

    Shaving is one of the cheapest and easiest methods of hair removal, but it gives you the least effective result. Stubble can appear within a few hours, as the hair is only cut off at the skin surface. If it grows even a fraction of a millimetre, you will feel it.

    3. Hair removal creams

    Hair removal creams are quite sticky and work because of their chemical ingredients. Because of this, you want to make sure that you place these creams on areas that are not as sensitive. This method is a simple and cost-effective hair removal method that is perfect for people who are just getting started with hair removal. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using hair removal creams.

    • Because they're messy, you'll want to make sure you do these treatments in a bathroom with plenty of towels nearby. The last thing you want is to accidentally put hair removal creams in an area where there shouldn't be any.
    • Hair removal creams are made up of chemical ingredients that break down hairs so they can be easily washed away. Sometimes these chemicals do not react well with human skin. There are hair removal cream intimate specific to sensitive skin to prevent accidents from occurring.
    • The chemicals in some hair removal creams can smell quite strong, so be prepared to have a fan running or a window open when applying any of them to your skin.
    • You should always do a small test on your arm or hand before applying it anywhere else.
    • These creams are completely painless if purchased correctly. If you feel any uncomfortable tingling sensation, it could be that your skin is not getting along with the ingredients in the cream.
    • For these to work, you must follow the exact instructions on the product. They will include times for how long the product should stay on the skin to prevent irritation or burns.
    • The results can last up to two to three days, as the cream penetrates the hair just below the skin's surface.

    Hair removal creams are an excellent painless solution for hair removal, but can come with risks. Be sure to check the package ingredients and label to make sure you're buying the right product before applying it to your skin. Unlike IPL hair removal, hair removal creams only provide a few days of smooth skin. IPL is painless and contains no chemicals, so it's a better option for those with sensitive skin.

    4. Epilators

    Epilators are small electrical devices that use a rotating wheel with several tweezer-like pliers to remove several hairs at once. Epilation has a bad reputation for being quite painful, but the longer you use the device, the less painful it becomes. Epilators remove the hair from the root, giving a longer-lasting result than shaving or hair removal creams. These devices are cheaper than hair removal devices with laser or IPL hair removal devices and are easily purchased in person at any pharmacy.

    When considering epilation as a form of hair removal, consider the following:

    • Epilators can be used on dry or wet skin, just make sure you use one that is waterproof and made for use in the shower. When you shower, the hair follicle is looser, making hair removal easier and less painful.
    • When you use a epilator you should start with an area that you find less painful. Your body will adjust to the sensation as you reach more sensitive areas.
    • If you exfoliate your skin beforehand, the epilator can reach every hair more easily. In addition, as your hair begins to grow back thinner, you may be more prone to ingrown hairs. To prevent this, weekly exfoliation is recommended.
    • The results last up to four weeks, as the hair has to grow back completely. You'll also experience little to no stubble or irritation.
    • If your skin is sore or red afterwards, this is normal. Try applying a moisturising product with aloe to soothe the area after treatment.

    Epilators, like IPL, remove hair below the skin surface. These epilators are good for longer-lasting results than other inexpensive forms of hair removal, but still don't provide the high-quality professional results that IPLs do.

    What makes IPL special?

    It's easy to see the differences between IPL and other hair removal methods: nothing compares to IPL hair removal technology.

    Most hair removal methods, like those listed above, cut or remove hair. IPL goes beyond the skin surface to permanently damage the hair follicle so that hair growth is prevented altogether. This provides better and longer lasting results than any other product or service on the market. Its only drawback would be that it is not instantaneous - it can take up to 8-10 weeks before it really starts working, but once it does it is permanent.

    IPL is growing in popularity, and more and more devices are being released for home use. It's easy, painless and gives you permanent results. If you're looking for long-lasting results, why not try IPL? Browse some of the Vivre's hair removal products and find a device that suits you!