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IPL gel, Ultrasound gel, Cooling gel or Moisturizing gel?

IPL gel, Ultrasound gel, Cooling gel or Moisturizing gel? Yes, a good child has many names!

Vivre gel is designed to help cool and moisturise the skin, which will keep your skin in a comfortable state when using hair removal devices or other beauty equipment. Use Vivre moisturising gel with any RF, Hifu, Ultrasound, IPL or other facial machine where gel is needed, allowing your device to easily glide over the skin for optimal results. It does not irritate the skin and can be applied to all skin types and all areas.

Vivre IPL gel/Ultrasound gel

Vivre IPL gel/Ultrasound gel acts as a conductive medium for RF/HIFU/Ultrasound waves, allowing them to pass through without interference. This is very important as it significantly improves the results of the treatments.

It is easy to use, just apply the moisturising gel to the skin surface of the treatment area when you plan to treat. Vivre gel is hypoallergenic, clear and water soluble, which is easy to clean. Vivre gel has a moisture-rich formula, highly effective nutrient penetrates the skin and tightens away skin wrinkles, so it can be used alone as a moisturizing treatment.

Ultrasound gel is transparent and thick but not unpleasantly sticky. When ultrasound gel is applied to the skin, it does not drip. Ultrasound gel sticks easily to the skin and stays there until it is cleaned after treatment.

Vivre Gel has many purposes

Vivre Gel has many purposes. The purpose of ultrasound gel in IPL/laser treatments is to ensure the following:

  • To cool the skin for a more comfortable treatment.
  • To protect from burns.
  • To ensure conductivity between the device and the skin.
  • To direct light to the treated area and avoid unnecessary reflection.

Other areas where Vivre moisture gel can be used:

  • Laser/ IPL hair removal
    IPL gel is used for treatment with IPL laser or IPL + RF laser devices as well as other laser devices (diode laser).
  • RF radio frequency
    RF gel is used for treatment with RF (Radio Frequency)
  • HIFU treatments
    HIFU gel is used for treatments with HIFU devices for home or clinic use.
  • Ultrasound treatments (both medical & beauty)
    Ultrasound gel is used for ultrasound treatments, which enable the vision of unborn babies, the measurement of children's heart rhythms and the examination of internal organs for medical purposes.
  • Cavitation
    Moisture gel is used for treatments such as cavitation and electrostimulation
  • Other facial machines where gel is needed