The Best Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

Anti aging products

Luckily, you don't always have to go to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles. Many anti-ageing skincare products that you can use in your own home still give great results.

In addition to anti-aging skin care products, there are also some excellent skin care methods you can use to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Combined, the best anti-aging skin care products and practices will not only make you look more youthful, but also feel more youthful.

The reality is that the sooner you can start using some of these products and follow some of this advice, the more you can prolong an aging face. It's never too early to get serious about skincare and start taking care of your skin.

Face wash

Facial cleansing plays an important role in anti-aging products. Try to look for something that is extremely gentle. You want to make sure that the product is not too harsh on your skin. You need to find the face wash that is right for you. Everyone has different types of skin: dry, oily and combination skin are just a few examples.

There's no reason you need to spend a lot of money on a face wash. There are some good mild face washes that you can even buy at your local pharmacy.

If you're very interested in finding the right one and don't want to spend too much time testing things, we recommend talking to a dermatologist. That way, they can take your skin type and lifestyle into account when recommending a specific face wash for you.

Once you've found the right face wash, there are a few tips you can use to make sure you don't damage your skin when washing it. First and foremost, use your hands to wash your face, and again, be very careful. Don't use hard washcloths or scrub brushes.

After washing your face, don't dry it too aggressively. Rather, pat your face dry with a towel. It doesn't have to be completely dry, because if you leave some excess water on your face, it will soak in to moisturize your skin when you put on your moisturizer.

Face lotion

The next important anti-aging skin care product is a good face lotion. Again, try to choose a mild face lotion. Finding a face lotion that suits you depends on your skin type. Try to do some research to determine what type of skin you have, and then proceed from there. It's much easier to do this than to just try many different face lotions.

Something important to look out for in your face lotion is fragrance and perfume. You want to make sure it's either zero fragrances/perfumes or very mild and natural. This is extremely important because fragrances are often artificial and therefore not good to have on your skin for long periods of time.

Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra money on a face lotion to make sure there are no harmful ingredients, especially as your face will absorb the product rather than washing it off like a face wash.

Once you've found a good face lotion, certain application techniques can help with anti-aging. The biggest one is to make sure you apply the lotion to your neck. This is an area of the body that people often forget about when they're young, but an area that shows the most age as you get older.

Eye cream

Investing in a good eye cream is also very good because eye cream is an important anti-aging skin care product. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, so you need to be extra careful when applying this product. Your ring finger is the most gentle and therefore it is best to apply the eye cream with this finger rather than with your index finger.


Microdermabrasion is also a great way to keep skin looking youthful and fresh. Believe it or not, you can even do microdermabrasion at home, which means you can devote more time to other activities that make you feel like a kid at heart. Vivre's at-home microdermabrasion tool is the perfect way to benefit from microdermabrasion all by yourself.

Microdermabrasion is a gentle method that uses diamond-encapsulated heads to exfoliate and suck away your dead skin cells. After a long day, you need to give your skin a break, which is why we stress the importance of using gentle anti-aging skin care products. We really can't stress how gentle this device is, making it perfect even for sensitive skin types.

It also helps suck out other impurities that usually clog your pores, making your skin look tired and inflamed with spots, blackheads and acne. This process makes your skin look and feel youthful. In addition, this anti-aging skin care product is a great way to stimulate your skin while promoting blood circulation. In this way, your skin tissue development and collagen production is accelerated.

Sun protection

Sunscreen is another great anti-aging skin care product that you should start using at a young age. Make sure you apply a high SPF to your neck, face and hands, as these are the areas where age will show most as you get older.

Every sunburn you get damages your skin and has huge consequences. Sun damage makes your skin look tired and can even make it look leathery if you sit in the sun too long. For double the protection, use sunscreen and even wear a sun hat.

Makeup removal

Be careful when removing your makeup! To delay the skin's ageing process and support youthful skin, you need to be careful when removing your makeup after a long day.

Try to avoid makeup wipes. Although they are handy in an emergency, they are harsh on your skin and the environment. As we've said before, try to buy a very gentle product and make sure you don't press or rub too hard when removing your makeup.

IPL laser

Another phenomenal anti-aging skin care product is the IPL laser. This simple hair removal method is perfect for use all over the body. This is a great way to keep your skin fresh and young, instead of letting razor burn and ingrown hairs make guest appearances.

This anti-aging skin care product is one that you can use from the comfort of your own home with little or no pain. Like our other recommendations, this is a product that you can start using when you are younger. That means you can enjoy your smooth and silky, young body longer too!

Water and hydration

Although not a product, water is another of the best anti-aging skin care tips we can give you to keep you hydrated. If you drink enough, your skin will look energized and let the hydration work its magic from the inside out.

This is an easy way to keep your skin youthful! There's no excuse why you can't incorporate an extra glass of water or two into your daily routine.

In summary

As this can be an overwhelming process and you may not know where to start, we encourage you to start slowly. Work your way up to implementing all of these tips. Just dip your toes into the fountain of youth instead of jumping right in.

This leads us to one last big tip we have for you regarding anti-aging skin care products. Don't introduce too many new products at once. By testing the products slowly, you can better monitor your skin's reaction to the products. If you try too many new things at once and your skin reacts negatively, you may find it difficult to identify the cause of your skin's reaction. As a result, you may have to start all over again, which means you've wasted valuable time.

As we said earlier, no time is considered too soon to treat your skin right. It is so important that you start using anti-aging skin care products and methods early, as your body will become more accustomed to them and therefore be prepared to support a more youthful appearance for longer.